How to Get a Free Parrot

If you are looking for free parrots, then you might find plenty of ads in the local newspapers given by pet owners, who are willing to offer their pets at lesser prices. Many times, the owners are unable to take care of their pets on account of financial problems or cannot devote enough time to them. In such cases, they prefer to sell their pets to others so that these pets can enjoy a more happy and a healthy life amidst new surroundings.

There are lot of parrot adoption centers, which take care of parrots, which have been ill treated and neglected by their owners. Some parrots may be starved of food and living in an unhygienic environment and may have learnt bad behavior traits from their owners, which are taken care by these adoption centers.

People are compelled to buy pets due to many reasons like desire for companionship, love for pets, need for fun and recreation and some purchase it as a hobby. Parrots in blue color like the Quaker is popular among many buyers owing to its blue color, which symbolizes peace and tranquility. The cost of Quaker parrots in blue can range from anywhere between $400 to $600 whereas free parrots from owners may cost you a little less.

Another parrot in blue color which is an all time favorite is the Blue Macau, which has blue feathers and can change tones and shades but remains extinct now since sometime. Though Quaker parrots are available in different shades of green and yellow, parrot blue color is in greater demand among pet owners. However, before adopting a parrot, pet owners need to make sure if they can take good care of the pets and afford to spend money on meeting different pet care requirements. If you are buying a parrot from a pet seller, then you need to examine the motives of the seller so that you are not cheated and end up getting a bad deal.

Sometimes, there are a few drawbacks of buying a free parrot from the pet owners. If the parrot has not been trained well, then you may have to deal with some of its behavioral aspects. It could show lot of temper tantrums or bite and even screech loudly which can disturb your neighbors. There are high chances that the parrot may have being injured and you may need to spend lot of money on getting it treated. Besides, it could be suffering from any kind of disease or health problem, which requires the attention of an avian veterinarian.

Thus, there could be various circumstances due to which the owner wants to sell the parrot to others, which one needs to scrutinize before buying them. Owning a free parrot can be a pleasure but one has be extremely careful and ready to face any consequences.

Source by Ryan H. Grizzard

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