How to Properly Care For Your Pet Parrot

Parrots make entertaining and lovable pets. Because of their high intelligence levels, their ability to mimic, and their sensitivity to the world around them, proper parrot care is essential in providing a happy and healthy home for your companion. Regardless of what parrot species you choose, cage care, a well balanced diet, proper grooming, and love are all necessary aspects of good care.

With the many varieties on the market, it may be difficult to choose which breed is best for you. The African Grey Parrot has become a popular choice because of their large vocabulary range and mimicry abilities. Research must be done prior to purchasing a bird. A very important aspect of proper care is understanding the huge commitment that having a parrot as a pet is. On average, a medium to large sized bird can live 50-80 years. They are a lifelong commitment, and understanding that they will require patience, love, and attention is the first step in properly caring for your new friend.

Balanced Diet

A healthy, well-balanced diet is another necessary aspect of proper care. In the wild, most parrots survive on a diet of fruit and nuts. As an owner, integrating these foods into their diet will keep them entertained. The most necessary element to their nutritional care is protein pellets. This should make up the base of their feeding regimen. However, because of their curious nature, parrots can become easily bored of a diet that consists solely of protein pellets. Integrating foods that they would normally eat in the wild such as fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seed mixes in addition to the protein pellets will be the best way to provide your bird with superb nutritional care.

Cage Care

Keeping a parrot’s good sized cage well maintained, clean, and entertaining is another way to provide them with the best care possible.  Depending on the variety of parrot chosen, a proper sized cage, large enough for them to stretch their wings and play in, is necessary. They needs to feel comfortable and at home in their cage.  Because they are sensitive and stress easily, a parrot’s cage must be routinely maintained. Fresh newspaper, daily, should be placed in the bottom of the cage. Also, daily, the cage should be wiped down, removing any droppings that may have accumulated on the sides, toys, or perches of the cage. Once a month, it is important to disassemble the cage and wipe down all surfaces with mild, soapy water.


Grooming your parrot is also important for their personal care as well as owner safety. Their beak and claws can become very sharp if not properly cared for.  The beak and claws must be trimmed on a routine basis to ensure that harm does not come to the parrot or owner. Because most parrots prefer tropical, rain forest type weather, showering them with a slow shower head or spray bottle can help to simulate baths they would take in the wild.  Bathing your bird daily can be a form of entertainment for both you and your pet, and it is also a vital part of proper parrot care.

Most importantly, part of being a responsible owner must include love, patience, and attentiveness to the needs of your pet. They are very curious, intelligent, and special creatures, and if properly cared for, parrots can make lifelong companions and best friends!

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