Parrot Tricks – Why Peek-A-Boo Should Be Your Parrot’s First Trick

The first thing owners should know about their birds when teaching them parrot tricks is that it’s an immensely fun activity for both parties. A lot of people that have no experience in this and do it for the first time are surprised how enjoyable it is. In fact, teaching tricks to parrots is actually a part of proper parrot care because by nature these birds are social animals and love getting attention from their owners.

It should be noted however that it is very important to determine whether your parrot is tame first before trying to teach it tricks. You won’t get anywhere if your parrot hasn’t been trained to obey and acts violently at your training attempts.

A good first trick to train parrots is one that doesn’t require you to take him outside of his cage. This will prevent any injury to you and your precious bird if he’s not accustomed to being let out yet.

The game of peek-a-boo is one of the most amusing parrot tricks you can teach your adorable pet. Putting a towel (slowly and carefully) over a portion of his cage and going away from his line of sight will yield amusing results. Soon your parrot will peek out of the covered portion and when he does this, say “peek-a-boo!” and repeat the process. Your parrot will love this game because they naturally hide behind things like leaves and branches in the wild so it is part of their nature to peek out from behind objects. You can also try this by alternate covering the parrot cage with covering your head and exposing your face while saying “Peek-a-boo!”

Proper parrot care involves training your parrot to prevent him from injuries. If you plan to let him out of his cage at times and have no plan to clip his wings, window training is extremely important. Taking Polly out of his cage regularly and tapping his beak on the glass of all the windows will train him to be aware that flying through windows can be deadly.

Owning a parrot without training it how to talk would be ridiculous. Speech training is an inherent part of the wide array of parrot tricks you can teach your pet. Remember two things in teaching a parrot how to talk – repetition and consistency. Say the words clearly and louder than normal and do it constantly each day until he learns it. Only then can you teach him another word.

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