SitStayFetch – Kingdom of Pets – a Review of Daniel Steven’s Top Selling Guide

 Can you really put a price on having a well trained dog? If your answer is no then you may want to consider SitStayFetch by Daniel Stevens.   For a measly $37, you can get the ultimate guide to help you have an well-rounded obedient dog that is a joy to be around.


The main book itself (excluding all the free bonuses) is over 170 pages of top quality material by a real professional dog trainer. Aside from content quantity, this “automatic download” guide contains step-by-step instructions which are easy to follow, even if English is not your native language.


For all the visual learners out there, the book also contains numerous pictures to help you understand the training concepts. The photos illustrate various commands such as teaching your dog to sit, come etc.


Aside from the basic obedience training modules that Daniel offers, what’s really great about this book is that it goes into detail about various dog behavior problems (25 in total) such as dog biting, barking, aggression and much more.

Partial List of Training Commands


  • Come
  • Roll over
  • Okay
  • No
  • Hold
  • Leave
  • Seek and Find
  • Sit, Stay, Fetch 🙂
  • Paw
  • Wait



SitStayFetch also boasts 7 free bonuses which feature some guest articles from other professional dog trainers as well more in depth look at some of the more important dog training aspects such as dog housetraining. Also for a limited time offer, you get free e-mail consultation with Daniel. Many customers use this feature and find it extremely helpful.


With over 60,000 (yes… 60,000) copies sold, you should really consider SitStayFetch to train your dog.  You won’t need any other book after that.

Source by Peter Madrid

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