Your Parrot – Companion, Soulmate Or Just Pet?

Why did you choose a parrot for your pet? Were you looking for a companion, a soulmate or just a pet, bearing in mind the larger parrots can live for anything up to 70 years?

A parrot can be more than just a pet. In fact it is quite possible to establish a fantastic bond with your bird. Once you do establish that kind of bond with your bird it will be an incredible feeling. Unlike a dog who will love you unconditionally almost from the start a parrot expects you to earn its love particularly when you have both just met. I guess it is a bit like a first date.

Once you have earned that love your parrot will be a one person bird although, if you have tamed and trained your bird well enough strangers will be treated with kindness and not screaming and biting. Parrots make amazing pets and with trust in their owners, can be extremely loving and affectionate. They can and often do behave like little children, playful, mischievous and silly at times. And, just like a dog you can take your bird wherever you go although you may have to put it in a harness if you go to public places. My parrot enjoys riding in the car!

Unlike a dog though your parrot can talk and some of them are able to almost hold a conversation with you that makes sense. Parrots are intelligent enough to be able to associate words with sounds and objects and even actions. It is quite an incredible thing to see and hear. Its almost like they really understand you…and perhaps they do.

If you chose your parrot just for a pet then you are short changing yourself. Parrots as pets can offer you so much more than just being your pet. They can indeed be your companion (you can take them where ever you want) and if you spend enough time with your bird the pair of you can establish a tremendous bond and become soulmates.

Source by Beryl Smith

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