5 Best Pet Birds for First Time Owners

It’s exciting that you are getting a new pet bird! It can be hard for a first time bird owner to select a new pet bird, and to choose a bird that matches your lifestyle. There are hundreds of beautiful and interesting pet birds available but don’t worry! Our experts on staff are here to help and they have put together a list of 5 great birds for first time bird owners!

Check it out! Who knows, you may just find the feathered friend you’ve been dreaming of.

1.  Cockatiels

Cockatiels are one of the most popular birds for first time bird owners and rightly so! With their adorable faces and expressive crown feathers, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with them. Cockatiels are extremely social birds. Even parent raised cockatiels are relatively easy to bond with. For a first time bird owner who works full time or is away from home for a significant amount of time each day, two cockatiels is a great option. These birds will entertain each other while you are gone and be ready to interact and play when you return. These birds are also easily kept in an apartment setting. A single cockatiel will likely be noisier than having two cockatiels. Females are quieter than males and only males will whistle and have the potential to learn to talk. They are only about 12-14” long and live about 10-15 years. Check out all of our cute cockatiels for sale!

*Please note cockatiels are not recommended for those with bird allergies or asthma because of the high level of feather dust they produce.*

2.  Parrotlets

Step right up and take a peek at our wondrous, insanely cute world’s smallest parrot! Yep, you heard that right, world’s smallest parrot! Parrotlets check in at a whopping 4-5” in length. Even though they are as small as some finches, they still require a fresh fruits, vegetables and protein diet every day in addition to their normal parrotlet diet. These tiny birds pack a big personality with their sweet, lovable, energetic and fearless nature. Don’t be fooled though, the parrotlet is aggressive towards other birds so for a first time bird owner who has plenty of time to spend with their pet, a single parrotlet might be the right fit for you. Peek at these adorable pint size parrotlets for sale.

3. Green Cheek Conures

Green Cheek Conures are sweet, playful, energetic and intelligent, these colorful little birds will definitely wiggle their way into your heart. These birds love spending time with their owners so for a first time bird owner who want an extremely strong bond with their bird, this may be the bird for you. Green cheek conures are quiet, excellent for families because of their ability to bond to more than one person and they have a genuinely docile and friendly temperament. Green cheek conures need plenty of exercise so a large cage with a play-top are highly recommended. Toys are key in keeping your green cheek happy and mentally stimulated so be sure to have a wide variety of toys that you can rotate weekly. Who can resist this sweet Green Cheek Conure for sale!

4. English Budgies

English budgies are about twice as big as the budgies you may have seen in many pet stores in your area. Their head feathers can fluff up so significantly their eyes and beak can be almost totally obscured bringing a whole new meaning to “its so fluffy!” English Budgies are incredibly intelligent and can be taught to speak, whistle and sing! The English Budgie actually holds the world record for most words and phrases spoken by a bird. Solitude can lead to depression in these bird’s so for the bird owner who is frequently away from home we recommend purchasing two of these birds.Take a look at these fluffy feathered English Budgies for sale!

5.  Finches & Canaries

Finches are social birds that are often kept in pairs. View our many canaries and finches for sale for sale on our website as great options!

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