Cyprus Property For Sale is Great Value

Cyprus property for sale in the Larnaca area is a great investment due to the amount of infrastructure work going on in the area and with the cost of a cheap flight only to Larnaca in Cyprus reducing all the time this could be the perfect place for either relocation or a holiday home.

The journey of four and a half hours from the UK is longer than to other Mediterranean countries, but the price of a cheap flight only to Larnaca in Cyprus is coming down with the start of more ‘no frills’ airlines on the route from most British major and regional airports, also on flights Cyprus to UK. With reservations being easily made through the internet, it couldn’t be simpler to book.

Improvements to Larnaca airport are already well under way; the new terminal is on course and ahead of schedule. There is a new three level 95,000 square metre passenger terminal with capacity for 7.5 million passengers annually due to open in November 2009. Phase 2 of the project is due for completion 12 months later and will up the passenger capacity again to 9 million passengers a year.

Whilst you are checking out prices of a cheap flight only to Larnaca in Cyprus, have a look
at other flights the other way, Cyprus to UK and you will see how accessible these can be, so a quick weekend trip for important occasions like a wedding or family parties need not break the bank for those who choose to relocate and for people with a holiday home it means that a quick break in the sun can be arranged cheaply and easily.

Larnaca is a cosmopolitan working town of 75,000 residents, open all year round. It has many historic and architectural sites including St Lazarus Church in the town centre and excavations of the islands oldest Neolithic settlement. On the shores of the Salt Lakes where migratory birds stop and rest, is the mosque Hala Sultan Tekke on the site where the Prophet Mohammed’s aunt was believed to have died, making it one of the holiest sites of Islam. The town is well serviced by the motorway system which intersects on the outskirts of the town and links all the main areas of the island.

In the past it has been used as the gateway to holidays by holiday-makers taking a cheap flight only to Larnaca in Cyprus to other places on the island. This is no longer the case due to the updating of the airport and the next big project, the linked marina and cruise-ship port, which will cater for up to seven cruise liners at any one time. New town centre hotels are planned along with the redevelopment of the industrial area along the Dhekelia Road. A new seafront between the Fort and the fishing harbour at McKenzie Beach and three new pedestrianised squares and a new golf course makes it easy to see why Larnaca is a hotspot for Cyprus Property for sale!

So for prices of cheap flight only to Larnaca, and flights Cyprus to UK check out the prices on the internet as there are going to be more available every time you look! Cyprus property for sale in Larnaca is one reason alone for coming to visit; it is a brilliant time to purchase here!

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