Gouldian Finch – A Beginner’s Guide to the Lady Gouldian Finch and Its Origins

The Gouldian finch (Erythrura Gouldiae) also known as the Lady gouldian finch and the rainbow finch is one of the most colorful species of finches in the world. They originated from the Northern regions of Australia in places such as the Kimberly in Western Australia right across to Cape York in the far North of Queensland. The savanna regions of these areas were once abundant with gouldian finches about a hundred years ago. The population of these native finches today are endangered now due to a number of factors. Conservation projects are being carried out to try and prevent the native gouldian finches from being lost forever.

It is imperative that the avian enthusiasts continue breeding quality gouldian finches in captivity. Breeding and keeping the gouldian finch is not recommended for the beginner or novice. The gouldian is quite different to other species of Australian finches. You might ask why are they so different? The reason is that they do not have down. What is down you ask? Down is found in most other birds at the end of their feathers and this is what keeps them warm. The biggest enemy of the gouldian is the cold. Especially cold winds or drafts.They will not last for long if they are subjected to cold drafts during the night. They have broken the hearts of many finch fanciers mainly from their lack of knowledge of the birds likes and dislikes.

It is possible to breed and raise gouldian finches in the cooler regions of the world but only in a well constructed purpose built aviary. The basics of building an outdoor aviary with out heating is as follows. Have an external flight which is accessed via a small opening from a fully enclosed bird room. The bird room should not be susceptible to drafts. A clear section of roofing material is necessary for a natural source of light to create some daylight warmth.

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