Air Purifiers for Budgerigars – 5 Effective Features A Purifier Should Have

Budgies, short for Budgerigars, are beautiful little bright and energetic birds. Parakeets, as they commonly known as, are probably what most non-bird people think of when they thing of birds as pets.

Looking for an air purifier for a Budgie aviary or bird room means that you realize how much they are depending on you to provide them with clean air. Here are 5 features that will let you select a cleaner that is spot on for their needs and yours.

HEPA Technology—-Budgies, like any other birds, are going to produce dander, dust, and small bits of feathers. These bird related pollutants are in addition to the normal household irritants that exist in all indoor spaces.

Being able to filter particles is what HEPA (or high efficiency particle arresting) technology is all about. By definition this type of filter must be able to remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 airborne particles that are .3 microns or greater in size.

This means that it can easily remove the airborne particulates that your budgies will send into the air when preening, flying about, or sifting through seeds. It can also trap airborne bacteria and viruses that often attach to particles in the air.

Long Filter Life—No one filter is going to last a long time. But a canister of filters will. Having multiple filters contained in one canister is a cost effective and low maintenance solution to bird room filtration.

A unit that contains pre-filters to trap large and medium particles will help keep the more intricate HEPA filter available to trap microscopic ones. This also cuts down on the frequency with which you have to replace the filter. No bad new there.

Using multiple filters in a canister makes for easy replacement because you are able to simply pull the old canister out and slide the new one in. This avoids the frustration of having to finesse each filter into the right slot or opening. Thank heavens.

Sturdy Construction—Birds will be birds. So you know that they will explore with their beaks and feet. A unit made of steel is literally as tough as nails, and will not chip or crack under your avian friends’ inspection.

Steel is also easy to wipe clean of droppings and will not off-gas if the casing becomes warm from motor heat.

Oxygen Only—HEPA technology is one of the safest technologies for air purification as evidenced by the fact that it is what hospitals use to insure clean air. This type of filter produces zero ozone, and no ionized particles. The only by product is a healthy and natural one—oxygen.

24 Hour Operation—-One of the best defenses is a proactive yet non-invasive offense. In the filtration world the best offense means clearing the air continuously. This prevents pollutant levels from rising to the point that they can cause adverse health effects for you and your birds.

Choosing the best air purifier for these beautiful birds doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Opting for a cleaner with these 5 features will assure that pollutant levels remain low and your quality of life remains high.

Source by Debbie Davis

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