Buying a Greyhound Laser – Important Things to Consider

With the ever increasing demands placed on greyhounds, these animals can suffer injuries resulting in them being sidelined off the track for extended periods of time. Laser therapy allows owners and trainers to successfully manager their greyhound’s injuries. Whether it be a strained muscle or tendon, a laser provides the necessary amount of energy required to heal the injury, meaning your dog will be back on track quickly.

By stimulating healthy cell growth, the laser treatment delivered results in rapid improvements in your greyhound’s health. Soft tissue injuries are treated exceptionally well with lasers as well as any trauma on the surface of the skin of the greyhound.

Having a laser with the option of either a single or cluster head is an ideal tool for the serious owner or trainer wanting their greyhound to perform at their peak with as little time off the track as possible with injuries. The high output powers with the infrared versions of lasers enable quicker treatment times than those associated with other treatment modalities.

Considering the contraindications associated with other treatments available laser therapy is a very cost effective way of treating injured greyhounds.

Laser therapy can be used to:

* Heal injured tendons

* Reduce inflammation in sprained joints

* Heal bruises & contusions

* Heal ligament injuries

* Rejuvenate cells

* Relieve stiffness and pain in joints and muscles

* Acupuncture points

* Tendonitis

* Laminitis

* Hock injuries

* Fetlock injuries

* Arthritic pain

* Back pain

Benefits of using laser therapy include:

Increased vascular activity

Stimulation of nerve function

Faster healing

Anti-inflammatory action

Safe & easy to use





Laser therapy results in:

* Improvements in circulation

* Accelerated treatment times

* Stimulation of cellular level healing

* Stimulation of cells for rapid healing

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