Cockatiel Sounds and What They Mean

Screeching squawks and melodic sounds are the usual cockatiel sounds. It is a known fact that male cockatiels are more talkative than the female cockatiels. The males use their skills in sounds during the mating process. If there are a lot of males trying to win a hen, the better singer gets to move up closer to the hen until the best singer is found to be the winner of the female cockatiel.

When getting cockatiels at a young age, they will tend to mimic human sounds better than their own cockatiel sounds. If you do a sing song pattern with your cockatiel pet, you can be a cockatiel whisperer.

One way of a female cockatiel to carry a conversation with a human or a bird is mimicking what you will say to them through their sounds. On the other hand, a male cockatiel would change his tune and space depending on what he wants to converse with you to show off some points.

The male cockatiels and the female cockatiels would usually battle as to who gets to make the sweetest cockatiel sounds to be the winner.

Female cockatiels are considered to be more social than the males while the males have the better capability of mimicking and following sounds. As early as 6 months old, a male cockatiel can already start mimicking sounds. One of the cockatiel sounds that your pet would already know before you even take it home would be the “wolf ñ whistle”. When males make sounds, it would usually pair it with an action by pulling back its wings to produce a heart shape. It can also make sounds by tapping on things such as its dishes, cage bar, toys and other things to get the attention of a potential mate.

Supple chirping cockatiel sounds are what the female will produce and complement it with an action by slowly lifting her tail up and slanting her head when it is ready to mate.

When cockatiels make noises and sounds that are not systematically produced, this means that they are “voicing themselves”. Although cockatiels have louder voices than other birds, their voice compared to the larger parrot specie is recognized as charming since their vocal range is smaller.

Source by Sara Looper

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