Finding A Herbivore Pet for A Herbivore Person

As a vegan I welcome my home to a herbivore pet of any kind. While I have problem with the natural order of the circle of life, I find myself unable to feed one animal to another so all of my little companions are happy little herbivores like me. This article is meant to help any other vegan that feels the same way in finding a herbivore companion of their own. If you own larger land, you may want larger herbivores that need more room to frolic and that’s cool too! The best part of having an animal around is the feeling you get knowing they feel comfort in your presence.

Indoor Pets

So far when it comes to a herbivore pet to play with at the house you’ll have a choice of a few furry little mammals, a couple of birds, and a reptile. The mammals are rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. All of them are vegan rodents and can be kept in cages. Whenever you take them out to play with make sure any children near the pet are careful when they are handling the little guy. Macaws and Toucans are iconic birds and are both vegan! Macaws aka parrots love to bond with their human friend if treated right. Toucan’s may try to take a bite out of a bug but if you supply it with enough fruit it will stick as a herbivore. Iguanas, like Toucans will eat bugs, but only if they’re starving so feed it the right kind of leaves and it will stay a true vegan pet.

Outdoor pets

Having little indoor pets may be too limited for you and you may be willing to share quite a bit of land for a herbivore friend. The best kind of vegan pets to suit your standards would be horses, emus, goats, cattle, and capybaras. Most people see horses, goats, and cattle in many different ranches and farms but I bet most people don’t think twice that those animals are vegans. Emus are a close relative to ostriches and can get up to 6 ft tall. These guys have legs strong enough to tear down wire fences so it’s good to keep the properly contained for their safety and your properties safety as well. Capybaras are giant rodents, it sounds terrifying but they’re lovable oafs. They are a cousin to guinea pigs and you may notice they bark like dogs. They will always keep a smile on you’re face.

Green Love

A herbivore for a pet as a vegan has you appreciating nature more knowing that you are connected with your companion in more than just diet but also as a friend. Understanding the animal before making it a lovable pet should be the most important part of the decision process. Always consider adopting an animal from animal shelters like the humane society. The best part in any animal relationship should be how comfortable and loved the animal feels towards you, the guardian.

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