Greyhound Dog Facts – A Nice Easy-Going Dog

One of the best dogs you could possibly have for your household will be the Greyhound dog. Its size comes in at a somewhat medium to large dog breed. The majority of these dogs will weigh in at about 60 to 70 pounds so for their size and height, they happen to be somewhat skinny to look at. However, this holds true because of their well-developed muscles for running fast.

Greyhound dogs happen to be very good pets for all ages of your family. They hold a very calm and gentle demeanor in almost all cases. Although they like to rest most of the time, even parking themselves on your couch, they will love to release their energy in short bursts by running. Obviously, because so many of them race professionally, you’ll undoubtedly understand that they have great speed to move with. Their ability to incorporate themselves into a loving family has been seen many times over not only starting as a puppy but especially from those that have retired from racing.

You’ll definitely find the history of this breed to be very interesting since it originally came from the Middle East likely inside Egypt. You’ll find many depictions of the Greyhound inside old remnants from the far past. Originally they were used mainly for hunting because they were so fast. Because of their well-developed genes over time, they of course are now used extensively in dog racing.

The length of time for Greyhound dogs to race will not encompass their whole lifetime. Therefore, once they have been used for racing, they become somewhat unwanted by those people in that industry. The result from this has generated many different Greyhound adoption facilities that always are more than willing to find new owners for these retired racers. Because of this breed being such a highly successful one at that fits well into the home, you might also want to consider adopting a Greyhound as your next pet. You’ll undoubtedly find this breed to be very likable indeed.

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