Parrot Food – Just The Basics!

There are lots of different ways that you can feed your parrot. Now some of these may require more work than others where as some of them are as easy and grabbing a bag of bird seed and pouring it into their feeder. All of them can be good for your bird, although feeding a variety of parrot foods as opposed to a singular food source (such as seeds) can make achieving a more balanced diet a little easier to achieve.

The simplest way to feed your parrot a balanced diet is to buy some quality parrot food from your local pet supplies store. These come in many different forms that will include additional vitamins and minerals, this means that you will not have to it any additional vitamins to their diet. In fact, you may not know this but adding additional vitamins and minerals can in fact harm your parrot, as it could lead to bad toxic level of the vitamins and minerals in their system .

You should try and choose a seed mix for your parrot that doesn’t allow it to choose one seed or food item, in preference to another as this will provide him with a more balanced diet. Be aware that some food products will claim to be fortified seed mixes, which in theory should be just right for your parrot but this claim is not necessarily true. This assumes that the bird will consume all the seed that is offered instead of choosing just a few of its favourite food items.

One should always try to get parrot food which uses a formulated diet without any addition, fragrances or colours. A lot of parrot owners may worry that this does not provide enough variety for their parrot when in fact, this is not the case. One can easily counter this by providing enough fresh vegetables or fruit, equivalent to the amount that you would normally use with a formulated diet. While fruit and vegetables may not be as energy intensive as the prepared diet (because they are mostly water) they will still be a good addition to your parrot’s diet, and you may notice that your parrot will still eat the same amount of fortified food. This will lead to a more rounded and balanced diet.

Try not to need any high fat foods such as peanuts, or even sunflower seeds. Only use them as an occasional treat as this will reduce the amount of prepared diet food that your parrot would normally eat, which means that it may not receive its balanced diet.

There are many choices that you can make, but If you choose to feed your bird a mixture of fruits and vegetables or even seed mix, you may encounter problems in making sure that that your bird receives it adequate complete diet. Some seeds are deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals and also calcium. While in the short run, you may not encounter any problems in the long run, this could be a different case after a prolonged period of time.

Take the time to consider what parrot food is best the the health and longevity of your parrot.

Source by Iziah Shumkel

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