Picking a PotBelly Pig As Your Pet – The Pros & Cons

Learn Why PotBelly Pigs Should Be Considered as Pets

There are many reasons why so many people have turned to the potbellied pigs as pets. Research has indicated that they are among the most intelligent of animals and as a result make very interesting pets for humans.They are also very sociable beings and like to make friends. In fact your pet pig could be your best friend if you give it the chance. Another good quality about potbelly pigs is that they are very loyal and reliable. They will stand by you and make you happy in times of trouble and will never leave you alone to wallow in your pain.

Potbelly pigs are also very affectionate. They are very thoughtful of their owners and are not afraid to show it. Just like a dog licks its owner, your pet pigs will also do the same to show you how much they care about you.

These pigs are very trainable and you can teach them to perform various tricks just like their dog counterparts. You can train it by yourself at home and all you have to do is to be a little committed to their training and be consistent with it. You could easily train it to control itself and live indoors without any problems with dirt and hygiene. When training, you should reward them when they listen to your instructions as this will boost their morale and make them want to please you more.

A pet potbelly pig can be especially kind to their owners when you treat them well. They are not afraid to return your treatment with good behavior, as those animals are very grateful. Potbelly pigs are also very healthy and the majority of people who are allergic to many pets don’t have any problems when they get into contact with potbelly pigs. This is due to the absence of fur on the animal.

However there are a couple of disadvantages with keeping potbelly pigs as pets. First of all the animal lives for about 15 years and you have to be fully committed to living with it for that period of time, before getting a one for a pet. That means it’s not very advisable for people who are just living in temporary locations to get a potbelly pig.

They need a lot of space to move around in your home. That means only people who live in fairly large houses can live with them as indoor pets. If you live in an apartment, keeping a potbelly pig as a pet may not be a very good idea as the animal won’t get the necessary space to move around.

Potbelly pigs can also be very smelly if they are not properly taken care of. They need to be socialized properly or they will become stubborn and refuse to obey your instructions. They suffer in extremely high temperatures and if you live in a hot area, rearing a potbelly may not be a very good idea. You may need to provide a pond for your pet pig to cool off in.

Another problem is that often potbelly pigs don’t cope well with other animals and they should probably be your only pets to prevent them attacking other pets. To avoid this you should get the pig very young & raise it with the other animals. There are many cases of pet pigs and dogs being the best of buddies.

Most potbelly pig owners say that the pros outweigh all the cons their pets may have. Luckily most of the negative factors can be overcome with training or keeping them clean. By doing these things you’ll have a loyal friend for many years to come.

Source by Don A Levy

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