The Secrets to Becoming a Good Cockatiel Breeder

Becoming a cockatiel breeder takes a lot of effort to know how to get started. First thing that you should know is that becoming a cockatiel breeder would need you to be interested in cockatiels. Cockatiels are very intelligent and charming. They can live for a very long time and breeding them would need you to have a good relationship with your cockatiels.

When breeding cockatiels, cockatiel breeders should make sure that the birds he is breeding are compatible. It is always easier to breed birds that are bred thank those birds that are from the wild.

You will need to observe your birds for a couple of weeks or months to know if they are compatible and well matched. There are some males that are insistent and should be removed and be transferred to another place for a few days. If the cockatiel is still insistent even after being removed, look for another mate before breeding.

If you find cockatiels that are compatible, as cockatiel breeders, you should start building nest boxes in preparation for the birds mating. It is suggested that you place the nest boxes somewhere you can see them easily and is shaded. The nest box should be made of a thick wood and the size should have the length and size of your bird without including the tail and should have a four sided figure base so it can stand the different weathers.

Breeders must give their bird a cuttlefish bone, tonic seeds with vitamins that can provide embryos with a great protein base that they can grow on, oil seeds, and liquid or powdered concentrates. Foods that are filled with calcium will also be good for your birds. To keep them off rickets, it is important that milk and bread is given as well.

The weight of the chicks should also be closely watched during the first few weeks. Stop hand feeding or fostering your chicks if you see that they are not gaining any weight or are losing weight. When they turn at least three weeks old and maximum of three months old, they can now be on their own to feed themselves. At this time, they should separate them and move them to another place because if they don’t, the chicks can be targets of attacks and be killed by their own parents, most especially the cock.

Cockatiel breeders should also know how to differentiate birds. This is needed especially when birds are ready to join other birds in their cage or when they are having the adult plumage. Leg bands and rings would be ideal to use whether metal or plastic. Breeders use plastic bands for the younger birds and closed rings for chicks that are 5 to 6 days of age. Color coding the rings of your birds would be best.

Breeders must bear in mind that being able to raise cockatiels in a good manner is an art. They must provide their birds with a big cage, a lot of space, toys and most importantly, attention.

Source by Sara Looper

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