Truth in the Now

People that are tuning into Earth are encapsulating a sense of capability and power 90% of the time, even when they don’t have a clue as to what is happening or why. They operate from hope and trust. Indigenous Earth People believe our connection to nature and the Earth Mother to be our foundation of mental health.

Connection heals the wounds of alienation… from Earth, Spirit, and All Our Relations, and we become more distinctive individuals in our efforts. It means taking a risk and involving ourselves – speaking and acting from our personal truth – affirming life in our relationships. Because it is through our connection efforts – time in Nature – that we learn a systematic and effective approach to re-establishing safety in our lives.

Without exception, people who engage in regular nature connection activities have found themselves expressing their most positive side. Their efforts are a way to demonstrate their growth in self and commitment to co-creating a reality of peace with the rest of humanity. A foundation built from self-nurturance, personal time and “noninterference” when warranted – without judgment, catapults time and energy management into great life success stories.

Allow yourself to be magnetically drawn to quiet time in Nature, drift to the perfect environment that holds you in sweet emotion. Commitment to 30-60 minutes a day with respect to stress, health, and task achievement – effects the miraculous. Indeed, this is the crux of it: less stress, tasks become easier and more gets done, health improves, and you are ignited to live authentically.

To spend time alone, uninterrupted, cloud gazing, listening to birds singing, following a babbling brook to its source, is to find the sweet spot of intuitive knowing.

If we open ourselves to the eco-psychological effects of Nature, then we find direction… The Universe offers us answers, gives us confirmation that step by step our choices are valid. Because we all overamp in the chaotic energies of contemporary life, being in this “natural practice” keeps us going. So, you ask, “How can we let go of the need to get everything done and find time to practice our connection to the mystical ways of Earth?” I would say the motivation lies in the two factors I constantly speak to: less stress and more accomplished.

What are you doing? If your life is visibly animated and emotional and you have told your sad story time after time, know this… life is too short to live this way.

Creating a discipline like yoga, martial arts, exercise, even praying every day only takes 21 days of concentrated effort. Your immediate goal is to start small and grow. Don’t feel guilty taking time to nurture you. The gift of love you offer to others is only magnified by your personal time of self-nurturance. Earth Mother compliments the fulfillment of your dreams. You are here to heal and grow, and to help create the Reality of Peace. This is accomplished by being true to who you are… discover it and own it.

Source by Maria Yraceburu

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