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Cheap Broadband Packages – Creating Waves in the Market

Today, the market is full of cheap broadband packages and the demand is constantly increasing among the users. Thus, it has led to the competition among different broadband providers. Big players like Reliance Broadband, British Telecom, 3 mobile broadband, Orange, Talk talk, Toucan, Demon, Tesco, AOL, PlusNet, Direct Save Telecom, Namesco, Sky, Vodafone, BSNL, T- […]

Belize – Caribbean Getaway in Central America

Belize, the beautiful Central American country on the Caribbean Sea, offers a wealth of travel adventures from snorkeling to exploring ancient Mayan sites to hiking in lush, tropical rainforests. Belize Facts and Info Weather and Climate The weather in Belize is all that you could want out of your typical tropical island paradise. Daily high […]

Belize Vacations

The beauty of Belize comes from being a tropical island decorated with palm trees, and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea with beautiful reef with live corals and fishes. In Belize, you will also find a rich diversity in population including Mennonites, Ketchki, Mopan Mayas, Garifuna, Creole, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, Middle Easterners, Guatemalan, Honduran, Italian, North […]

Belize Travel – Want a Crack at Something Different? Take a Belize Vacation

A Belize vacation is unlike vacations in many other parts of the world. Belize attractions and activities can captivate your imagination and make your Belize travel a delight. Fortunately Belize, for the most part, has not paved over its natural wonders. A Belize vacation is ecotourism in action. Ocean activities Belize is blessed with clear […]

Why is Protecting the Rainforest So Important?

Rainforest are subject to extremely high amounts of annual rainfall, and are usually located in tropical regions. There are two different kinds of rainforests – tropical and temperate. Tropical rainforests are usually very dense, and full of broad leaf trees. They are located 10° north or south of the equator, and are known as the […]

Records Management And Its Key Role In Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

The UK’s Records Management Society defines records management as, “the process by which a company manages all the elements of records whether externally or internally generated and in any format or media type, from their inception/receipt, all the way through to their disposal”. In this digital age many organisations have set up comprehensive systems to […]