Highly recommend! Have received two shipments of African Grey Parrots. Outstanding birds, packaging, shipping and communication. Definitely will purchase birds from Birds For Sale Now again!

Eloise R. Krueger / Golden Dawn

The bird arrived well packaged and well taken care of. Ample space and ample food to accommodate his little travels. They provided electrolyte mix for water to help the bird destress and rehydrate. He is doing well on his new home and seems to be adjusting well. He looks like a healthy and happy bird.

Glen Allen / The Jolly Farmer

I just got my budgies yesterday and they arrive healthy and gorgerous and warm considering it was a cold day in the south lol !! thanks Birds For Sale Now and I will be ordering again !!!

Leora S. Ross / Intelacard

Macaw arrived and is beautiful. It’s getting some rest in It’s new house with cover. My Daughter absolutely loved her gift. 18 and wanted a macaw parrot for her birthday.

Christine Gable / First Responder

Long but worth it to read; I ordered a Cockatiel from them, and the expected wait time was about 12 weeks. They worked their hardest, and cut that time down in half. I received my bird, and he was stressed, as usual, but he was also very healthy and came with food and water and a little perch. The box is big, so don’t worry, future buyers. He came with certificates of healthiness, and tips on how to destress my bird, which helped very much. All in all, I highly recommend them if you are going to buy anything from them.

Phyllis Lake / Certified Nursing Assistant

I got 3 nice Orange face waybill finches and 3 nice society finches hoping that I mite get some female’s luck would have it my society finches their were 2 females and 1male and they hatched and raised babies how awesome is that thank you for great birds

Robert Pritchard

Ordered my great grandmother a male cockatiel. We placed our order on November 4th and received her new bird today. We had a very pleasant experience with the Birds For Sale Now. She absolutely loves her new cockatiel!

Kyleigh Garrett

What a beautiful baby budgie we received! She looked very healthy when he arrived and didn’t seem too stressed by his travel( we are from California ). Our request was filled so quickly and before we knew it he was here in less than a week with a vet certificate and all….. SO AWESOME

Miriam Soto

We had a situation with the company and it was a misunderstanding. The company resolved the matter and we are satisfied with the conclusion. Thanks for working with us to resolve the issue.

Mark Jance / Facebook

Fast delivery. Super nice birds!


The Birds For Sale Now takes good care of their birds and their birds arrive safe and healthy. The staff goes above and beyond to assist customers. During the Corona virus, they have done exceptional with the birds they take care of.

Tammi Fillmore / Adapt

Yay! I have the two cutest co-workers, a pair of Bourke’s Parakeets.Fulfillment was a little slower than I was originally expecting, but, in fairness, who isn’t having supply chain problems at the moment? and I still got them a couple of weeks before the revised expected date. So, that met my needs.The important thing is they got here, healthy and safe (seriously, the air shipping box is pretty cool). I didn’t have any problems picking them up at the airport, and they’re now hanging out and exploring their new home.I had some moments of worry, but the Birds For Sale Now delivered for me.

Martha Gallagher / Monmax
Bird arrived safely roughly within the expected window of time in good health!
Dan V


Nolan Guidry

I ordered a couple of blue parakeets from the Birds For Sale Now Even though they came in a day later than the tracking email said…they came in healthy! They are adjusting well and are beautiful! I’m very happy with the quality… Their beaks, plumage, eyes and nostrils are all in good shape. I’m satisfied with my new additions to the family.

Linda Carter

The delay for delivery was longer than expected (two weeks additional out of an anticipated eight weeks), but covid-19, upset and disarray at USPS, general state of the USA, why not? My cockatiel arrived in Birds For Sale Now’s bird box (which is a thing of wonder) apparently completely healthy and even a little bit sassy. .This bird is my first venture back into bird keeping in several decades, but as I build my flock, I will have great confidence and no hesitation in buying from Birds For Sale Now in the future. I’m very happy with my experience with Birds For Sale Now.

Ken Christensen