What Are the Best Parrots Types For You?

You too possess a great love for parrots and want to know about their different varieties… almost every species of this most loved avian is bright colored excluding a few. Some parrots are smaller and look cuddly and cute while others give a grand appearance.

Parrots are mostly green in color, but some parrots are multicolored as well. Brilliant talking abilities and tendency to mimic human voices makes parrot a wonderful pet. This is a playful bird that loves company.

Parrots are grouped in different types in accordance with their nature, color and size. A list of some of the most commonly known types of parrots is given below-

Parrots or True Parrot – This is a grouping of most common types of parrots. They are known as true parrots and are of the Psittacidae family of birds. This huge family includes 330 different species and some of the popular examples of true parrots are Meyers Parrot, Senegal Parrots and Amazon Blue Fronted Parrot.

Macaws – These are loud, multicolored, clever and attractive birds. They are widely seen on TV and in films. The Macaw group of parrots is made of six different genus including Ara, Anodorhynchus, Cyanopsitta, Diopsittaca, Orthopsittaca, and Primolius. Though some scientists claim that this is a grouping of 18 different species, many species are extinct now.

Dense rainforests are the most popular habitats of Macaw birds. These birds possess a bizarre eating habit. They love to munch on clay. If you want to tame a Macaw bird, you must train it well because an untrained Macaw is like an ill-trained kid that causes uncalled for embarrassment for you.

Conures – This grouping of peace loving wild parrots is known as Conures. These birds are generally of a very friendly and sweet nature. Seldom are these chirpy pets seen indulging in a fight.

Cockatoos – These unique, white colored birds make wonderful pets. This is another of the parrot species that is very sweet-natured and gets along quite easily with their human friends. Their enjoyment of cuddling and pampering make them another favorite among bird owners.

Parakeets – The smaller types of parrots, Parakeets can be seen in an array of colors. In accordance with some experts, Conures are a part of Parakeet grouping of birds. These are also known as Brotogeris parakeet, Monk Parakeet and Lineolated Parakeet.

Cockatiels – A delight for pet owners, cockatiels are among the most playful grouping of parrots. These wonderful pets are cheerful in nature and are less demanding.

Budgies – Budgie is a popular name of Budgerigar species of birds. These Australian natives are generally of green and yellow color and are among the most preferred grouping of parrots, which are tamed. With gentle nature and entertaining personalities, Budgies gel wonderfully with kids.

Lovebirds – This is a group of nine species of Agapornis genus. These birds are Africa and Madagascar natives. Lovebirds are among the thickest species of parrots and some of them grow up to 17cms. These parrots can live almost upto 15 years. Fischer’s Bird and Black-cheeked Bird are two most famous species of Lovebirds.

Parrotlets – the smallest available species of parrots is also among the stockiest birds. These blue-headed parrots grow up to 5 inches and are known to be the greatest mimics.

With so many to choose from it will be no problem for you to pick out your favorite parrots types.

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