Animal Pillows – Are Pillow Pets Safe?

When it comes to our children we can’t be cautious enough. To many toys get recalled every year after unforeseen tragedy occurs. One of the newest toys to hit the market are the new Animal pillows “my pillow pets”. They are cute and cuddly pillows that fold up into various different animals. There are farm animals, Dolphins, cute bugs, and even a frog. Pillow pets as seen on TV are made of a soft chenille that is ultra comfortable to the touch and is a huge hit among young children! The great thing about these toy is that they are safe as could be for your children. There are no small pieces that can be swallowed or chewed and they have great construction so they wont fall apart or shed loose strings.

Why I wrote this review

I was driven to write this review because I am sick of seeing toys on the market that are unsafe and that can cause harm to our little ones. I purchased a Pillow pet for my best friends daughter and they have told me over and over again how much she loves it. I bought it for her 1 year birthday and was happy to find something that is safe for all ages.

My Recommendation

The one thing that I do recommend is to buy the larger size. They come in two sizes and I purchased the smaller of the two. Even at 1 years old I think the bigger one may be even more fun. They were really tough to get around the holiday season and were back ordered for several weeks.

Source by Dave Slovenec

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