Belize Vacations

The beauty of Belize comes from being a tropical island decorated with palm trees, and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea with beautiful reef with live corals and fishes.

In Belize, you will also find a rich diversity in population including Mennonites, Ketchki, Mopan Mayas, Garifuna, Creole, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, Middle Easterners, Guatemalan, Honduran, Italian, North American and British. They all co-exist and work together, welcoming visitors with open arms. Tourists are instantly attracted to the warmth and hospitality of the inhabitants.

Belize houses the natural diversity of the Caribbean with its tropical forests, the historical Mayan ruins, jungles, rivers, caves, cane farms, hectares of fruit trees like oranges, grapefruits and banana and a great habitat for wild exotic animals such as jaguars, manatees, dolphins, toucans, coatmundis, mahogany, hibiscus, xate, bonefish and deep tapirs.

With this diversity, a tourist can be swimming with whale sharks, diving to enjoy the beauty of the corals, rafting through the rivers, enjoying the outdoors via the jungle, exploring the ruins left by the ancient Mayan civilization, hiking up the Maya Mountains and rappelling down another mountain range, biking or horseback riding through town. Whatever your definition of fun and adventure may be, you can find it in Belize.

If you are not the outdoorsy type, you can find different hotels, resorts, lodges, guesthouses, beach cabanas, or small huts throughout Belize. If you are short on funds, or simply want to feel the authenticity of living in Belize, you can opt to bunk with a Mayan family somewhere in the rural Mayan jungle villages. If you want privacy for your vacation, you can rent a private island with all the amenities and the services that treat you as a king.

In Belize, you can enjoy the food, the weather, the people, the outdoor life, and much more.

Source by Damian Sofsian

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