Clipping Your Bird’s Wings – 10 Reasons Not to Clip

To Clip or Not to Clip? That is the question. This simple question is often debated and probably one of the topics that comes up most frequently on bird and parrot related forums. Though some people feel very strongly about trimming or clipping wings. The decision is ultimately a personal decision that each bird or parrot owner must make. Some of the “reasons” detailed below may not make much (if any) sense but these are the most frequently given reasons given by those that decide NOT to trim or clip their pet bird or parrot wings. You’ll also notice that some of these “reasons” not to clip or trim wings aren’t even true or logical but they’re still frequently given as “reasons” not to trim or clip wings.

  1. It’s not necessary because the bird lives in large flighted aviary.
  2. To be able to teach flight commands and have the bird fly on command.
  3. Birds that learn how to fly, also called fledging, tend to be better balanced pets in the long-run.
  4. It’s unnatural to deny them the pleasure of flying and it’s amazing to see them fly, hover and maneuver.
  5. A bad or botched wing clip can cause balance problems.
  6. The owner is afraid to do it themselves.
  7. A bad or botched wing clip can cause blood feather problems such as broken blood feathers if unprotected by the full wings.
  8. The cost to go to vet to have the wings clipped is too expensive.
  9. To give the bird the ability to fly out of harms way (cats, dogs, etc) if necessary.
  10. A bad or botched wing clip can cause or start destructive feather behavior.

Source by David B Weber

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