Lost Souls Found! Inspiring Stories About Golden Retrievers Volume II Is Touching and Bittersweet

Lost Souls Found!: Inspiring Stories About Golden Retrievers Volumes 1 and II, published by Happy Tails Books, are a must listen (or read) for anyone who loves dogs, but especially those who love Golden Retrievers.

I personally was immediately drawn to these books after reading a couple excerpts. I myself had a beautiful Golden Retriever back in college who I raised from puppy-hood. My dear and faithful friend lived to be almost fourteen years, which is quite longstanding for that breed.

Edited by Kyla Duffy and Lowrey Mumford, these books are actually a collection of short stories by many individuals, couples, and families who have adopted rescued Golden Retrievers, or Golden Retriever mixed dogs. Many, if not most of these dogs, would not otherwise have had a home if these people had not given them one. These aren’t fictitious tales (or tails), but rather all real accounts of people who, in some cases, took on some real challenges.

The stories in these books range from blissful and wonderful to a bit heartbreaking and tragic. They are, after all, stories of rescued dogs. But there is still joy amidst sadness, and underpinning even the more melancholy stories is the great feeling of seeing how kindness and compassion still readily exists in the world.

Many of the dogs in these stories come from abuse; many are abandoned after having been “used up” at a puppy mill. Still many are rejected simply for health reasons. In some cases, a rescued Golden will turn out to be nearly perfect, but many do not as they often come with issues and baggage.

The people who accept the challenge of some these dogs are real heroes. They adopt knowing they are acquiring a dog with either physical or mental issues, or both, but they do it anyway. They exercise extreme love and patience. For example, many of these dogs have anxiety and phobias which can manifest itself into strange or destructive behavior. Still others have health issues like cancer or other diseases that plague the dog throughout its whole life. Some of these dogs are even missing limbs for various reasons. But the dog’s caring new parents nurture and love these animals and the results are amazing. Imagine an abused dog in need of therapy later turning into a certified therapy dog for people in need!

Some of the most touching stories are of those that adopt “seniors,” the dogs who have anywhere from a couple years left to just months or even weeks. The people who take these dogs know full well that their job is to give as much comfort and love to the animal as long as possible and that their time with him or her is going to be short-lived. Some of these dogs arrive barely able to walk or eat. The experienced dog owners know when it’s time to say goodbye, let go, and send their four-legged friend off to “the rainbow bridge.”

Many of the people who wrote these stories are what is lovingly referred to as “foster failures” — people who took a dog in as a temporary foster until a “forever home” was found. But, in the process of fostering, these parents fell in love with the dog and could not let he or she go.

Even if you’re not a dog lover, you will enjoy these short, delightful, inspiring and sometimes bittersweet tails of the enduring power of love and kindheartedness. Go to Amazon’s Audible site, or iTunes, and look for Lost Souls Found! Inspiring Stories About Golden Retrievers Volumes 1 and II and listen today.

Source by Kelly Libatique

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