Make Your Bird Tweet With Large Bird Cages

Large bird cages are the most ideal among all the cage types for even the smallest avian pets. The bigger the cage and space, the better it is for the bird. A bird has to have all the basic needs. Proper food, water and shelter affect the health and happiness of the bird.

Large is actually a relative word when it comes to the size of their habitat. The size of the bird cage depends on the wing span of your pet. The basic rule is that the bird should be able to stretch its wings without touching any side of the cage or accessories. There are also cages that are specialized for each type of bird. There are large parrot aviary cages, mini macaw cages or cockatoo bird cages.

It can be made out of different materials like stainless steel, brass, aluminum, wood, wire, acrylic or iron. The most important factor in determining the best material to use is the durability of the material. Metal is by far more recommended because it doesn’t corrode.

The most basic rule of thumb though is to buy the largest cage on the price range you can afford and on the amount of space available in your house. No matter what the price range though, owners should take care of the cage and maintain it as much as possible.

With such an expansive space to live in, most of our winged friends won’t mind being caged. Keep the cage properly maintained and you will have a happy bird.

Source by Matthew A Roberts

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