Standard Poodle Puppies – Not The Wimpy Dog Of Myths

The Poodle may be the butt of a lot of jokes but these even tempered and graceful dogs simply don’t care. They’re dignified, calm, and dare we say, a touch aloof. Standard Poodle puppies are certainly not the cheapest pups that you can buy, that’s for sure, but these wonderful dogs are truly a hidden gem in the dog world.

When people think of Poodles they may think–small dog or miniature little dogs. But, that is just not the case. Standard Poodles are medium sized dogs, with a weight that ranges from forty five to seventy pound.

A seventy pound dog is, as we can all agree, is not a small dog. And they aren’t the frail wimpy dogs of the doggie world either. That is another huge myth and common misconception about these animals.

In fact, Standard Poodle (not their mini cousins) makes a great guard dog. That’s right, the Poodle is a wonderful watch dog. They are extremely smart, highly trainable (as are all show dogs), and they can have an aggressive side which can be brought out as well. When we picture the Poodle we picture a dog that’s been carefully manicured for a dog show, and these dogs are wonderful show dogs, but they can be so much more than that.

They’re also wonderful pets, and great family dogs. They’re loyal, smart, and have nice temperaments. But, they are not the most cuddly dogs, as was mentioned, these dogs are a touch aloof so they can be a touch standoffish.

But they are great pets, despite any rumors to the contrary. They would probably be more popular, but their pricing keeps many people from owning one. Perhaps that is why the Poodle has taken on the stereotype that we all know, they are simply expensive dogs. And sometimes things which are expensive will often get pegged as wimpy, it’s simply jealousy at work.

Standard Poodle puppies can run well into the thousands of dollars, especially when dealing with a good licensed breeder-which we all should be doing. Buying from a good breeder ensures that we’re not dealing with puppy farm tricksters. You can check your local rescue shelter for adult Poodles, if you don’t think you want a puppy, however, since these dogs are rare, it’s not likely that you’ll find one there.

These dogs are born show dogs, so if you’re looking to purchase a Standard Poodle puppy to develop into a show dog you cannot go wrong with a Standard Poodle. If this is the case then good breeding is a must. Poodles have won innumerable competitions because of their natural grace, and intelligence.

If you’re not concerned about raising a show dog and you’d like to save some money while shopping for Standard Poodle puppies, then ask your local breeder if they happen to have any slightly older pups-this will almost always bring price down quite significantly.

Source by Kevin Highfill

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