The Secret Book of Sri Shuka – Look Into Your Future

Usually known for the famous Shuka Saptati, or Seventy Tales (in the style of the Arabian Nights), Sri Shuka is represented as a talking parrot.

Indeed, passed down through the ages, today we know Shuka as just that. However, there is more, and if you are diligent, honest and clever, you may find the real book of Sri Shuka

The Shuka Saptati

This is an Indian classic tale where a wayward wife is given a talking parrot for a pet.

The parrot is none other than the great Saint Sri Shuka.

While the wife’s husband is missing, the parrot tells her one tale a night for seventy nights, sixty-nine actually, and dissuades her from meeting illicit lovers.

The tales themselves are often borderline pornography, but deal with morality, and keep the wife honest and faithful.

In Indian iconography, Sri Shuka is represented as saintly creature, with a human body but a parrot’s head.

Sri Shuka

Not well known, even in India, are the various incarnations of saints (Rishis) such as Sri Shuka. However, he did live and produced a book, larger than the famous book of Bhrigu.

The Book of Bhrigu

Written by another Maharshi (great saint), the Book of Bhrigu is a copious work that encompasses over 40,000,000 life stories as horoscopes. It is said that the horoscope of all destined to visit the book was recorded many thousands of years ago.

The Book of Shuka

Pre-dating and also dwarfing the Book of Bhrigu, the Book of Shuka also contains the life stories, advice, warnings and karmic progressions of all who are destined to visit a Sri Shuka shrine and discover the great work.

The Process

To determine exactly WHO you are, a special technique of “reading your shadow” is employed. The seeker stands in the sun at a certain hour, and the priest reads your cast shadow.

Next you are located within an index.

The index itself is a large work, with literally thousands of names and short biography (to make sure it’s the same person). The experience of being located is never to be forgotten.

Sanskrit has not changed in its many variations of existence, and one’s name is easily recognized.

Once found in the index, the area which contains your story is brought out, and read by the priest.

The story contains information about ones past, present condition and future.

There is always advice of a spiritual nature, on how the seeker can correct some karmic condition, and aid one’s progress.

Finding the Book of Sri Shuka

No clues can be given here, other than these

o Only a few copies exist, and they are within India

o The search to discover their location will not be easy at all

o Once found, one’s spirituality will forever be fixed in a positive way

Good luck to all sincere seekers…

Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

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