Weimaraner Puppies – These Little Guys Were Born To Run

Just like the Springsteen song, these dogs were born to run. No really, they were literally born to run, not just pump their fists at a Bruce show. So when considering having a look at Weimaraner puppies just be aware that these dogs need plenty of exercise when you get them home.

The perfect owner of a Weimaraner is a jogger or somebody who loves going to the park, or the beach, or to the mountains on the weekend. This is not a lazy person’s dog because these dogs don’t have a lazy bone in their doggy bodies.

If you end up purchasing one of these puppies and you’re a couch potato you’re going to regret it, you’re much better off going with a Bulldog or other breed that’s a bit more comfortable lying around.

If you’re the type that loads up the Jeep on Friday afternoon and heads to beach or to the nature trails, your Weimaraner will be your perfect companion. You won’t tire out and they won’t either, it’s a match made in heaven.

If you’re a true fitness enthusiast and love to jog outside this dog will literally run and get their leash as you’re putting on your running shoes. Now that is truly man’s best friend. Time to go for a run, Spike – whoosh, out the door and into the blue you’ll go.

When looking Weimaraner puppies on the open market, our best advice is to avoid pet stores and some unscrupulous online merchants. Go to a licensed and respected breeder, check them out, do your due diligence and you’ll be fine. You will generally not find many puppies at the shelter, unfortunately, so even though that is a noble idea, if you’re looking for a puppy then skip the rescue shelter, or give it one cursory trip.

A great tip we always talk about is picking a puppy out of a litter. It’s fun but more importantly it pays dividends to pick slowly and deliberately and pay very close attention to puppy’s temperaments.

Not to sound like a new-age guru, but the puppy that’s right for you will literally jump out at you. But, you must simply observe, watch, and pay attention. Your mind will lead you to the right decision and very often the pup that’s your best fit will sense a kinship as well. It’s both mysterious and a joy to be a part of this process.

Weimaraner puppies are very intelligent dogs and will be checking you out as you check them out, they are very aware. You can’t get this wrong, just go with your gut. And be prepared to listen to some Bruce Springsteen on your iPod as you run alongside your Weimaraner dog on sun-shiny-days.

Source by Kevin Highfill

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